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Muslim Bridal Fashion - Wedding Hijab Style


Here are some ideas to help you get started on selecting your Muslim styled bridal dress and matching hijab.

Though men are not allowed, by the strictures of the Quran, to wear silk or gold, women do not share this restriction. But even on her wedding day, a woman should not display her bare arms or head. She can, however, clothe herself in beautiful fabrics, displaying outwardly for her husband and her family the gorgeousness of her faith and purity. A woman dressing for her wedding should make her husband and family proud of her beauty and her piety.

When preparing for your Muslim wedding, clothing should be a primary consideration. Muslim wedding clothing should be modest and beautiful at the same time, an outward celebration of the life the bride and groom are looking forward to. Allah wants us all to be joyous in our lives and in the joining of two lives together. Part of being joyous is displaying to the world how proud we are to marry the one we have chosen.

Remember that hijab is not simply about slapping on a headscarf; it is an all-encompassing state of mind where the main intent is on protecting one's sexuality and not displaying it overtly. That's the larger principle of the Islamic context of modesty. It is culture that translates that context into the different forms of Islamically acceptable attire we see from the abaya to the baju kurung to the kaftan to the shalwar kameez. Keeping these principles in mind, you will find that contrary to what many think, the bridal dress choices for the Muslim woman are aplenty!

Clipped Wedding Hijab Style
Great sleek look - perfect with a lovely gold clip.

Bridal Hijab with Tiara and Veil

Multi-Wrap Bridal Hijab Style
I like this sleek look - which can be done for a bridal hijab
Bridal Hijab - with White Western Wedding Dress
Sheer Wrap Hijab Style
Easily translatable to a wedding hijab style
Use two sheer clothes of complementary colors
This chocolate and turquiose hijab could go very well with
the Moroccan bridal kaftan below


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